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Who Are we

Klothfine Based in Denizli,Located Turkey.Klothfine is a textile manufacturing company,under Motiva Textile,focused on special designed promotional projects and workwears.
Our goal is turning your ideas into textile garments,our satisfaction is producing fashion quality clothing for promotional purposes and workwears.
With our know how,our passion,our curiosity in seraching for new fabrics and styles with our all in house organization,all this has become possible.
Workwears,T-shirts,Polos,sweatshirts,Shirts,trousers,Fleeces,Pullovers,Caps and promotional textiles are the flagships of our production range.
Enjoy our webpage and if any of the above statements has been something impossible to achieve for your company so far,perhaps now is the time to contact us.
Klothfine Uniform is a well-established company with experience in the corporate garment market. Klothfine Tekstil invests in technology and innovation, investing in product development and design instead of the standard products used in the market, providing functional, technological and performance enhancers that will make the users feel better. products.It is a company that blends functionality with fabric in fabric.
Klothfine Uniform ​​to all the purpose of providing the convenience of working in corporate clothing more functional and more fashionable clothes in raise.At the Turkey the image of the institutions that provide services producing cooperating with famous designers Klothfine ​​textile, many in public institutions and private companies clothing collections at actualized.
Functional products the textile world's leading fiber to manufacturers working with Klothfine Uniform ​our country's most important companies of the yarn and fabric generated.
The fabric technology with the Klothfine Uniform ​​following the enriching drytouch products and textiles, as the product of five years of work developed in Turkey, breathing, assign moisture out, proudly presents the natural and comfortable DryTouch™ product, which does not contain stains.
In addition to this, we are affiliated with Motiva Group, Bed and Furniture, Office Furniture, Construction Materials,Bedspreads,Bedsheets,Cushions,Carpets,Quilts, Cinema projects,Industrial kitchens, Fire doors,food sector and many other products.
We are produces fabrics for each sector in the direction of their demands. In the same time, Motiva Group has a company that organizes tourism organizations in abroad and domestic customers to many countries of the world.
We look forward to communicating with Klothfine Textile with a reliable manufacturer and supplier, and we will be honored to work with you.


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