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General safety rules against occupational accidents

General safety rules against occupational accidents

Protective work clothes help to protect employees' bodies from all risks. They are created with fabrics that we call reflective. Work trousers appear as one of the garments in which this element of protection is provided. Trousers provide ease of working with their loose fit and are made for durability using hard fabrics. Many business lines need to use it, from firefighters to road construction workers to traffic policemen. There are different types of trousers. Some of them show properties that protect them from acid and flammable substances, while others favor long-term operation against weather conditions. Trousers covered with fleece on the inside and nylon or polyester on the outside protect employees from factors such as precipitation.

Work aprons are used in many fields from the chemical sector to the food sector and are intended to provide hygiene as well as protection. It should be created as both protective and convenient for work.

Work vests are designed for indoor and outdoor use. The pocket designs used are an important issue for the vest. Klothfine provides services to employees in its products with vest models that will provide the most comfortable and correct use and offers sales opportunities. It is important that the vests to be used outdoors are manufactured in a weather-resistant structure. It should be created with appropriate fabric to protect employees from weather conditions. Vests with this structure have a more advantageous use compared to coats and jackets.

Accordingly, the vest is among the work clothes preferred by enterprises. Decollete vest is one of the work clothes preferred by enterprises. Klothfine supports this advantage by offering products that are both lightweight and weather resistant.



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