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Suitable workwears

How do work wears become suitable for the work structure?

In order for work clothes to be suitable for the work structure, they must be made with the right sewing and the right fabric elements. The safety of the employees should be created by taking into account the priority. It supports the element of being able to move comfortably in the studied area. As Klothfine Work Clothes company, we ensure the use of work clothes suitable for these conditions. Work trousers should be created with a fabric structure that protects the employee. The use of workwear with a protective structure with separate features should be provided to each line of work. All people working in construction, mines, companies should use appropriate work clothes. A person working in a medium where there are chemical and severe conditions should use protective trousers and vests at the highest level.

A work apron is a business suit that is provided for use in almost every profession. Our company provides this wide-sized workwear in the most comfortable way for working and suitable for business lines. Jul. Many branches of business, from pharmacists to doctors, cleaners working in companies to engineers, use aprons. Aprons should be used in accordance with the color and planting styles according to the required profession. It should be formed with a structure that has wide pockets and is convenient for movement.

Special clothing should be used for work branches that require occupational safety. Their fabrics and cuts should be created differently according to the general clothes and in accordance with the business structure. The safety of the employee is kept in the foreground with the clothes used. Work vests should provide convenience for transporting work tools that can protect the body in a structure suitable for working conditions and are used with large pocket holder sewing in the required areas. These types of vests should be used for workers working in chemical fields with more protection and sewn with a different fabric structure.

As Klothfine textile, we have been producing Polo neck T-shirts, shirts, trousers, coats, safety clothing, hats, sweaters, sweatshirts with the highest quality for all business areas for many years. 


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