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Security Uniforms

Keeping people and buildings safe and secure is a job that requires flexibility, strength and high-performance. This doesn’t just apply to the people, but also their uniforms.Klothfine Uniform has been servicing private security agencies for more than 20 years and, in doing so, has gained incomparable experience and extensive knowledge of this unique market and security officers’ needs.

Klothfine Uniform understands the importance of the appearance and durability of your chosen apparel, and the specific needs of each individuals who wear it. Your attire helps to communicate your agency’s identity and command the respect associated with it—for both the company and the security officers. And while the look does its job for image, the functionality of the garments will do its job for performance. With the following feature options, you can be sure that your security staff will be comfortable and functional.

Soil release fabric
Triple strength pocketing
Stitched military creases
Banjo elbow reinforcements
Durable and PVC outerwear
Zip-out thinsulate liners
Security Shirt,Coat,trousers,pullover,polos,T-shirt,
Customized striping, emblems reflective heat seals and patches
Side vents for easy access to pockets
Sling style badge support
Many of the company’s items have been specifically designed or altered to accommodate ever-evolving requirements. Talk to a Klothfine Uniform dedicated customer care representative who can help you find the right combination of garments for your private security personnel. No matter what your need,Klothfine Uniform can design specialty shirts and uniforms for any security look.
For your high quality security uniforms,contact with us sales@klothfine.com

Security Shirt
Security Shirts

Security Shirt

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