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How should be work clothes?

How should the dressing style be in work clothes?

Klothfine Uniform 

Uniform style, the work clothes worn by the personnel working related to the job of the enterprise, should be preferred in colors and models that will reflect the mission of the enterprise. In general, although work clothes differ according to their areas of use, they are produced one size larger due to their use in workplaces.

While making this choice, it is necessary to consider the comfort and safety of the working personnel. For the employee who will wear work clothes for a long time, a comfortable fabric should be chosen that is airtight and durable in the open area, and that does not restrict the movement of the employee in the indoor area.

Work clothes that blend occupational safety and comfort together, fast-drying, waterproof, resistant to all kinds of abrasion should be used in categories such as food, construction, industry, related to the field of the sector. The rule of this business is to always pay attention to the uniforms that are identified with the symbol of the sector and that introduce the personnel.

Klothfine Uniform has been producing the best quality workwear for all business sectors for 50 years.

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